Current 2019 US PHRF Southeast Florida Ratings
Note: Information contained within each certificate is the responsibility of the skipper for verification and accuracy.  Any errors must be reported immediately for correction.  Utilization of certificate implies that you agree to the terms and conditions contained on each certificate.
Cert_URL_Link YACHT_NAME Type_Class     Sail_Number   Final_Rating
Owner Yacht_Club
14-6773221 Bad Fish Melges 32 Bill Bollin 115 North Cape Yacht Club 33
17-12107721 Chessie Racing Tripp 62 George  Collins   NYYC, Annapolis YC, CCA, STC -108
18-0530667 Dire Wolf Catalina 42 Russell Dunn   Coral Reef Yacht Club 142
18-0815442 JALOHA O'Day 34  SD Corey Park   Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club 175
10-6799274  Jasmine Little Harbor 54 John Evans 19 Gulf Stream Sailing Club 78
19-1201331 Ruckus J105 Matthew Seif 239 Charleston Yacht Club  
14-7722291 Senara Farr 395 Eamonn DeLisserBill James   39509 Coral Reef Yacht Club 51
18-1023119 Sirona MAaten Marine - Tripp Geoffrey Pierini 60779 New York YC -75
13_1782311 Soap Opera Hobie 33 Scott Self 16 Rush Creek Yacht Club, TX 90